Solidarity with GTA 6: developers show their unfinished games

Of the Leaked from GTA 6 has caused a lot of comments in the last few days. Although the material provides some details about the new project from Rockstar Games – in Graphics area the videos have nothing to do with the game that will be released at some point. However, some users on Twitter do not want to believe this and are sure that the material, which mostly dates back to 2019, already shows exactly what we will be offered in GTA 6.

A tweet has received so much attention that developers – in solidarity with Rockstar Games and GTA 6 – have now shown their own games as they looked years before release. In the aforementioned tweet, a user claims that a title’s graphics are among the first things to be completed in development. And because GTA 6 has been in production for a long time, the project will end up looking like the leak at the end. Of course that’s complete nonsense…

Remedy shows Control

One of the developer videos, featuring footage from an early stage of development, comes from remedy. Lead Designer Paul Ehrlich shared several scenes on his YouTube account Control. In its humorous description it says: “Since graphics are one of the first things completed on a video game and Control has received several awards for its graphics, here is footage from the beginning of development :)”.

The beginnings of Sea of ​​Thieves

Also the team from rare has spoken up. Author Jeph Pérez shows us how on Twitter Sea of ​​Thieves looked like four years before the release. Even a quick look at the video makes it clear that the graphics here have nothing to do with the end product from 2018.

Block world in Uncharted 4

Among the most famous scenes from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End counts the chase in the car. Kurt Margenau of Naughty Dog shared how blocky the world initially looked during development on Twitter.

Sam Barlow shows Immortality

Another highlight is the developer material from immortality. Because Sam Barlow’s title is based on actual footage with cast members, the title’s prototype (roughly two years before release) is particularly fun to watch.

When will GTA 6 appear?

Rockstar Games will definitely be making tons of changes to GTA 6 over the next few years. We do not yet know when we will see the title in stores. in one statement however, the team assures that the massive leak no influence took on the development.

Source: kotaku

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