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One of the goals is to get young people excited about entrepreneurship.
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Students from the HAK / HAS Lustenau developed project ideas at the “Entrepreneurship Week”.

Lustenau. During the “Entrepreneurship Week”, students from the social management branch of the HAK / HAS Lustenau experienced what creative power is in them and how they can use it. For three and a half days, under the guidance of experts, they worked out ideas for sustainable business models of the future. In this way they experienced in a practical way how entrepreneurship works according to the premises of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations). The young people were accompanied by their teachers Manuela Nigsch and Monika Ruppe.

“It was a cool experience,” said Elena Bechter from 3rd grade in the social management branch. The look behind the scenes of entrepreneurship caused enthusiasm among the young people, despite the tight schedule. In groups, the students developed an idea for a start-up and were then asked to build a prototype of their product from substitute materials and to present their business idea in a professional “pitch”.

The fun was not neglected at the event led by Ralf Pfefferkorn, himself a young entrepreneur. At the final jury evaluation, the three best-placed teams should have been delighted, not only were they applauded violently, but they were also able to look forward to prize money. The first place went to the idea of ​​a counseling app called “Dr. Antistress ”, where young people plagued by the pandemic can get advice from psychologists via a chat portal. The other podium places were won by the start-up concepts of “Smart Packaging” (sustainable packaging made from leaves) and “Go wild”, a points app for the disco night bus, which is supposed to make emissions from individual “mom taxis” superfluous.

The Entrepreneurship Week is a cooperation between the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location, the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as well as Austrian Startups and IFTE (= Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship). It should inspire young people for entrepreneurship and encourage them to deal creatively with the challenges of our time and to design their own solutions.

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