Somalia: the country on the brink of famine after periods of drought


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In Somalia, famine looms after several periods of drought. More than 500,000 children already suffer from severe malnutrition.

In parts of Somalia, it has not rained for four years. Hundreds of thousands of people have had no choice but to leave their lands which are too arid. This is the case of nomadic shepherds, who have nothing left to eat because the drought has killed their animals. “In their stomachs, we mainly discovered plastic and ropes. There is no more vegetation and that killed them”says a shepherd, in front of animal carcasses.

On the road of exodus, to escape certain death, the only refuge are tents provided by humanitarian organizations. There are many families there, especially women and children. “The lack of water led us to flee. Where I lived, we had to walk two hours to find a well and we had to look for food for the children”, explains a woman. Children are the most vulnerable. According to the O​NUthey are now more than 500,000 to suffer from malnutrition in Somalia.

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