Some Facebook employees no longer have access to internal exchanges on disinformation

To avoid leaks to the press, Facebook is taking further action after a series of disclosures from a whistleblower.

Facebook doesn’t want another Frances Haugen. Former Facebook employee, the whistleblower shared with the press numerous documents compromising on the platform’s moderation policy or the effects of Instagram on teenagers, before testifying in front of American senators. To avoid other large-scale leaks, the company has decided to limit its employees’ access to internal discussions on sensitive subjects, raise it Wall Street Journal.

Preserving “team morale”

According to the business daily, Facebook executives warned employees that some would no longer have access to discussions concerning the security of the platform or the effects of false information on the elections. Until then, these discussions were widely accessible to employees through de Workplace, professional version of the social network.

“The leaks undermine the efficiency and morale of the teams who work every day to meet the challenges that accompany the management of a platform with billions of users,” Facebook said in a statement.

This new measure accompanies the new strategy of the Californian company, which according to the New York Times recently decided to limit the data accessible to journalists and researchers to analyze the platform.

According to the American daily, Facebook recently assigned the teams of CrowdTangle, a tool for statistical analysis of publications, to other tasks. In August 2021, the social network deleted the accounts of New York University researchers investigating disinformation.

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