Some people discard this tasty low-fat meat, rich in proteins and vitamins, which is also suitable for the diet

A cut of meat that few prefer is actually one of the best because of its high protein and low fat content. That of rabbit falls into the category of white meats where it conquers the podium for its low cholesterol content and its high biological value.

The properties of rabbit meat

Rich in taste and with an extremely delicate flavor, it is a type of meat suitable for almost everyone. In fact, its low-calorie and highly digestible meats make it the ideal choice in case of a low-calorie diet and convalescence. It falls into the category of hypoallergenic foods because its meats rarely trigger allergic reactions.

Some people discard this tasty low-fat meat, rich in proteins and vitamins, which is also suitable for the diet

A valid alternative to the more common and used red meat, that of rabbit is extremely lean, has a good protein content and a very low amount of cholesterol. In addition, it contains phosphorus, potassium and iron and has a moderate content of vitamin B3.

Opting for the consumption of rabbit meat allows us to vary the recipes a lot and also to have a very varied nutritional intake. Rabbit is also a very easy food to cook that does not require special cooking techniques.

How to cook it

On the market we can find it in various forms, either whole or in very thin slices, rather than in the form of sausages or hamburgers.

Its particularly tasty and extremely versatile meat makes it suitable for different preparations. With this food it is also possible to prepare numerous recipes. Many cook meatballs with peas, light ragù based on rabbit meat or decide to consume it alla cacciatora.


Always little consumed because it was considered a difficult meat to cook, in recent years it has returned to the fore thanks to the idea of ​​offering it on the market in the form of hamburgers. A quick preparation with which to originate different last minute recipes.

One idea is to consume the light version of rabbit burgers cooked in a non-stick pan. Ideal would be accompanied by baked new potatoes, with thyme and rosemary.

For a version (perhaps less healthy due to the presence of fat and many calories) but tastier we can instead decide to cook them as American burgers. Prepare a very tasty sandwich with rabbit burger, bacon and cheddar to which possibly add a few leaves of salad and barbecue sauce or mayonnaise.

The cooking methods are the same as for other burgers. The only exception is that rabbit meat must not be cooked rare and to keep it soft and succulent, just pay some extra attention during cooking.

We have seen that some discard this tasty low-fat meat, rich in proteins and vitamins, also suitable for the diet but based on what is written this choice seems wrong to us.

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