“Sommerhaus” -Zoff – “Miss Chakra” has the big faxes

It can also be different …

In the “summer house of the stars”, “Miss Chakra” Jana Pallaske (42) not only made friends with her reserved manner. Ex- “Bachelorette” candidate Mike Cees-Monballijn (33) also feels provoked by the actress’ eco-craze. In return, she gave the TV macho her opinion. But before that, tears flowed.

A harmless bug spray had just crashed between the two of them. When Mike’s wife, “Tatort” star Michelle Monballijn (42) wanted to drive away the mosquitoes, Jana asked: “Can you please not do that here at the table? That’s so poisonous again. “Thereupon Mike mobbed:” The old woman has been damaged! “He later turned down her offer of peace.

Mike Cees is at war with tree hugger Jana

Mike Cees is at war with tree hugger JanaPhoto: RTL

He still had her on the kieker. Pallaske’s psychological terror got increasingly to the kidneys. The actress burst into tears, cried into the pillow. Yoga and incense did not calm her down. With TV emigrant Peggy Jerofke (44) and the “Love Island” couple Samira (24) and Yasin (30) Jana found consolation. Meanwhile, Mike etched from a safe distance: “This woman is just evil. Every horror film has a nicer ending than her. “

But the very next day Pallaske was able to laugh again. Together with partner Sascha (45), she had to compete against pop singer Almklausi (52) along with his wife Maritta (35) in the Exit Challenge – and won. Inspired by the victory, Jana finally wanted to get along with Mike, so she took the detour via his wife Michelle.

Jana suggested to her: “Maybe we women can try not to make life here even more difficult.” That could have been all good, but the new peace offer was torpedoed by Mike. When Jana turned to him, she was ironed directly. Mike: “I have to be ready for this. My focus is on the final. “

And aggression was in the air again. Jana asked him: “Look me in the eye when you talk to me!” Pallaske said brutally to the reality star (“Temptation Island”) that she thought he was completely inauthentic. “It’s more of an accomplished show. You need a lightning rod – and that’s me. “

Mike Cees and Michelle Monballijn in a two-way talk

Mike Cees and Michelle Monballijn in a two-way talkPhoto: RTL

Nobody had told him that before in the summer house. In the consulting room, the actress even mimicked his macho demeanor and laughed at it. For Jana it was clear: “He’s just scared of me and can’t classify it.”

The two will certainly not be friends.

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