Sonic The Hedgehog 2 turns 30: SEGA celebrates with unpublished posters

Today again Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is considered one of the best adventures ever starring the famous blue hedgehog of the house SAWwho for the first time finds himself sharing the screen with Tailsdestined to become one of the most beloved and popular characters of the entire franchise.

The second main episode of the series was first released in Japan on SEGA MegaDrive exactly 30 years ago, on 21 November 1992, to then also land in the West a few days later, on 24 November. The work of the historic Japanese software house will obtain great acclaim from critics and the public, then being re-proposed several times over the years between ports and various collections, such as the recent Sonic Origins available from June 2022.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, SEGA has made available two unpublished posters made by the artist Mark Bell and for sale on Moor-Art Gallery (and also visible at the bottom of this news). At the time of writing, one of the posters is sold out, while the other is still available. These are celebratory artworks that see Sonic and Tails escape by airplane from the flying fortress of the Dr. Eggman, Death Eggin the midst of an explosion.

Celebrations aside, during 2022 there were rumors about a possible new Sonic 2D in development, but for the moment they have not materialized. Would you like to experience another two-dimensional adventure of the blue hedgehog?

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