Sonos Roam available in three new colors

In addition to the compact Sonos Ray soundbar, there are other innovations from sonos to report. No, once again you don’t bring the long-awaited headphones with you or even the legendary Sub Mini. This “news” was also leaked in advance, although in this case Sonos was not entirely innocent.

The Sonos Roam is the most compact Sonos speaker. In addition to being integrated into the Sonos system via Wi-Fi, it also works via Bluetooth. And: Like the Sonos Move, it has an integrated battery, just in a smaller form factor. The Sonos Roam is in good use in my household as well as in Caschy’s. With the Sonos Roam SL, a variant without a microphone is now also available for voice assistants.

At its launch, the Sonos Roam was only available in black and white, but Sonos is now introducing three (more colourful) variants: Olive, Wave and Sunset. Or to put it another way: green, blue and red. There are no bright colors here, but rather natural colors that are less strong and conspicuous.

  • Olive: Inspired by nature, from desert cacti to picturesque gardens
  • Wave: Lets you dream of relaxed beaches and peaceful lakes
  • Sunset: Reminiscent of beautiful desert sands and glowing evening skies

Apart from the optics, everything stays the same. There is the usual good hardware. In terms of costs, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket at 199 euros than with a “normal Bluetooth speaker”, but you also get more on offer. The new Sonos Roam colors are available now. The fact that new color options are added afterwards is nothing special. Apple did the same with the HomePod Mini, for example.

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