Sony exceeds the number of promised games in the PlayStation Plus catalog

Sony has exceeded the number of games available as part of its catalogs playstation plus Extra and Premium for a decent margin.

Fans had been watching the slow rollout of the service over the course of the last month in different countries around the world, until its final rollout in the United Kingdom Y Europe mainland today.

In advance, Sony had promised that “up to 400” games of Playstation 4 Y PS5 would be available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers, though the initial release in Asia he fell short.

Sony exceeds the number of promised games in the PlayStation Plus catalog

The Japanese company has fulfilled the catalog of games for PS Plus.

Eurogamer’s list of PS4 and PS5 games available today reaches 429.

In addition, Sony had promised “up to 340” retro games, from the eras PS1, PS2 Y PSP, plus the PS3 via cloud streaming. Eurogamer’s list of currently available retro games stands at 404.

It’s worth noting that this number is considerably lower in regions where PS3 game streaming isn’t available. Eurogamer’s list of available PS3 games totals 365, the largest part of the current offering from Sony’s classic catalogue.

In regions without cloud streaming, the Premium tier of the service is labeled Deluxe and is available for a slightly lower price.

Prices of the PS Plus service renewed by Sony

If you’re just catching up, the revamped PlayStation Plus service from Sony is available now, with pricing plans set at £11/month or £84 per year for Extra, and £13.50/month or £100 per year for Premium.

Alternatively, you can keep the previous offer of the service. This has been renamed PlayStation Plus Essential and costs £7/month or £50/year.

For the most part, today’s European launch covers the same list of games that we saw as part of the previous PlayStation Plus Premium launch in North America.

However, today did see the arrival of the PSP classic Super Stardust Portable, if you know where to find it.

For a full rundown of everything on offer, Eurogamer’s PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra guide has you covered.

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