Sony has sold fewer PlayStation 5 consoles than they hoped

Sony has not managed to reach the goal they had set of selling 22.6 million PlayStation 5 consoles to date. So far, they have managed to sell 19.3 million consoles to the players, and are therefore 3.3 million behind target. The numbers come from Sony’s financial report for 2021.

The problem is the ongoing shortage of components, more specifically microchips, which have made it difficult for the entire electronics industry to produce machines.

By next fiscal year, Sony expects to sell 18 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

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In the financial report, Sony also says that they have sold several PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, with 14.5 million games sold. The year before, they sold only 7.9 million games.

On the PlayStation Plus front, Sony lost a few subscribers, from 47.6 million users for the financial year 2020 to 47.4 million users for the financial year 2021. In addition, the number of monthly active PlayStation users has decreased slightly, from 109 million to 106 million.

Overall, Sony is still doing pretty well, seen all over the place. In the financial year 2021, they ended up with a turnover of NOK 735 billion, and NOK 65 billion in profit.

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