Sony releases digital dictionary with popular game terms

Have you long wondered what AoE is but been too scared to ask your polar bears? Maybe you did not understand the difference between CRPG and ARPG, and just became even more confused by various complicated descriptions on interforums? Finally, someone has taken hold and remedied this.

The other day, Sony launched one digital dictionary with game terms from AZ. From Aggro (Refers to attention from in-game enemies, often relating to the distance at which an enemy will notice the player character and engage in combat, or – in a multiplayer setting – the player being targeted by an enemy. See also: ‘Tanking’ ) to Zoning (a play strategy that involves controlling a specific area of ​​a map or arena, forcing opponents to retreat).

Sony calls it “The Ultimate list of popular, gaming-related terms” and with over a hundred terms and examples from popular games such as Final Fantasy, Fire Ring, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, it is perhaps the closest we come to an ultimate entrance to the games’ sometimes somewhat complicated, terminological world. Will you check it out?

Sony releases digital dictionary with popular game terms
Git gud – A deliberate misspelling of ‘Get Good’, ‘git gud’ is an injunction to raise one’s own skill level in response to a particularly difficult challenge. Players complaining of unreasonable difficulty in a game are often encouraged to ‘git gud’, persevering with the game and overcoming the challenge through patience and learning.

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