Sony will remove a new function from the PS5 due to the little use that console users give it

The PS5 It came out in November 2020 with a series of production problems related to the pandemic caused by covid-19. There were no consoles Sony for everyone, but the few who did get access gave the new gaming device high marks.

It is normal for this to happen with a new console. Developers print new hardware and software with the intention of improving the gaming experience for users.

However, it often happens that not all features are as successful as franchisees expect. Some arrive with greater force than others and the technology of the consoles allows that, with a simple update, game options are added or eliminated.

For example, something that stands out from the console Sony’s high-end is the ability to run light on its graphics with the introduction of ray tracing technology.

Another issue that can be highlighted from the PS5 console is the mode Dual Sense of its controls, perfected to a great level with respect to the controls of the PS4.

The PS5 function that does not go any further

Unfortunately not all functions run with the same luck. According to review extra lifeSony announces in a statement that the option to praise it will soon be removed from the console platform. They do not specify the date on which they will say goodbye, but they indicate that it will be sometime in the last quarter of this 2022.

“In fall 2022, the Praise feature will no longer be available on PlayStation 5. This feature has not been used as much as we had hoped, so we are redirecting our efforts. We encourage users in the community to continue sending each other positive messages,” Sony said, according to the aforementioned portal.

Praise is a kind of feedback that is only available for online multiplayer games. In it you can rate the user with whom you shared a round of video games. There you detail if the person behaved correctly, if he was kind or if he helped you with something specific.

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