Sorority according to Aurore Bergé, Blanquer’s new job, the beautiful clothes of RN deputies

Four days after the second round of the legislative elections, it is the turn of elected officials from the far right to show off on the forecourt of the Assembly.

Aurore Bergé replaces Christophe Castaner

Like what, everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait for heads to be cut off. Two years after having failed to take the presidency of the LREM group in the Assembly in favor of Christophe Castaner, the deputy of the 10e constituency of Yvelines can finally boast of feminizing positions of power in macronie, following the electoral slap suffered by the latter in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Aurore Bergé, from the Juppéist right, therefore takes the lead of the group of 170 Renaissance deputies! – the new name of LREM.

And now, what will become of the Nupes?

Former communications manager for Alain Juppé’s teams during the right-wing primary in 2016, the 35-year-old elected official is above all a communicator and a skilled tactician. A strong head who knows how to strike with words, a useful skill in a Hemicycle which promises to be very political, and where it will be necessary to stand up to strong opposition. How to define its line? Philippist on the economy, liberal on morals (favorable to the PMA for all women, text on which she was “whip” that is to say responsible for the votes of the group), and vallsiste on secularism.

10 things to know about Aurore Bergé, new president of the Renaissance deputies at the National Assembly

And if the macronie would discover the sorority?

Barely elected this Wednesday, Aurore Bergé was already flying to the aid of Elisabeth Borne. Which is in a position to say the least delicate, even untenable, since the rout of the majority in the legislative elections. While François Bayrou demanded the same morning on France Inter the head of the current head of government, Aurore Bergé immediately wanted to recall that she would unite behind the Prime Minister: “There is a prime minister. Her name is Elisabeth Borne and she is also the leader of the majority as Prime Minister.recalled the deputy of Yvelines.

For his part Bergé flew over this election, well helped, it is true, by the lack of competition. In detail, she collected 88 votes, and was far ahead of her opponents Guillaume Vuilletet (29), Rémy Rebeyrotte (25) and Stella Dupont (11).

Proper attire required for the return of RN deputies

The new deputies of the National Rally had been warned on Tuesday by their boss Marine Le Pen: here we are not among the “zadists” de la Nupes, and it would be necessary, for these gentlemen, to come “ties” in the Lower House. They were therefore all as beautiful as trucks on Wednesday morning to pose on the steps of the National Assembly for the return of the RN group. The discovery of the premises by the 89 deputies, with a few rare exceptions, notably continued within the hemicycle itself, where the new far-right elected representatives paraded in front of the photographers of the premises for their official photos – and, for some, taking selfies with Marine Le Pen at the foot of the perch…

Emmanuel Macron, from President Jupiter to Relative President

A parliamentary group that “looks like France”, according to spokesperson Laure Lavalette, new elected representative of the Var, already thoroughly on the elements of frontist language. The watchwords of the day were also repeated at will by Marine Le Pen as she entered, to cheers, in the courtyard of the Palais-Bourbon: “low profile”, “competence” and ” serious “ : “These deputies will amaze you, they will do a remarkable job”promised the one who will be elected president of her parliamentary group this Friday.

Zemmour finds the poor “illiterates”

If the extreme right of the National Rally has been able to reach the working classes, it is an understatement to say that that of Reconquest! did not choose this strategy. The disappointed presidential candidate has a low opinion of France from below, and gave further proof of this during a meeting of his political committee on Tuesday, whose the express » quoted excerpts.

“The working classes are illiterate”would have affirmed the former journalist of the “Figaro”, remarks confirmed by several participants. What do we call that again? Ah yes, class contempt.

Secretary of State accused of rape

An investigation was opened after the filing of two rape complaints against the Secretary of State for Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, according to a Information from “Marianne” confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The alleged acts were allegedly committed in the context of his profession as a gynecologist. If the repetition of rape accusations against members of the Borne government is not comical, it is at least striking. But the most astonishing remains above all the anonymity of this Secretary of State, whom we discover like you, her appointment a month ago having completely passed under the radar.

Crisis in the Assembly: is it right to charge this poor Fourth Republic?

Controversy around Blanquer’s new job

After his little electoral slap in the Loiret, and a victory for the National Rally in the constituency he was targeting, the former Minister of National Education no longer has much to do in politics. According to “the Chained Duck” and Mediapart, he would be expected to join the Panthéon-Assas University, with a newly created position.

Information that made people jump, in this environment where job creations are very rare, and are torn between hundreds of doctors. The Panthéon-Assas University issued a press release to indicate that the usual procedures would be strictly respected. But the unions are not very happy.

Macron classifies LFI in “the republican field”

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We do not always understand very well, but it is surely the vagaries of the ” and at the same time ” Macronian. In the between-two-rounds Emmanuel Macron himself and his troops often seemed to dismiss the Nupes and the extreme right of the National Rally back to back, implying that only the presidential party and its allies (and the right) would be located in the famous “republican field”.

Actually no. Received at the Elysée on Wednesday, the “rebellious” leader Adrien Quatennens assures that Emmanuel Macron would have told him that he indeed classified La France insoumise in the republican field. We take note, and Adrien Quatennens asked him to get the message across.

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