Sosh has halved the price of its Fiber subscription until next Monday

If you don’t need a TV decoder in your subscription, the Fiber offer from Sosh is undoubtedly the best option. It offers the essentials, fixed line + Internet, and is cheaper than the competition, especially at the moment with a price of only 14.99 euros per month for the first year.

Most of the time, when you take out an Internet subscription, you are entitled to the classic package including a fixed line, access to Fiber or ADSL and a TV decoder. Only here, most modern televisions are already equipped with an interface with the possibility of downloading streaming and other applications, which makes the acquisition of an additional box very negligible. Sosh has understood this and only offers the essentials with its non-binding offer at the moment. half price.

What is included in the Sosh Box offer:

  • The Livebox 5 with smart Wi-Fi
  • Fiber in FTTH up to 300 Mbits/s
  • The free Orange TV App with 72 channels
  • Unlimited calls to landlines (more than 100 destinations)

Until September 26, 2022, the Sosh Fiber Box subscription is available at only 14.99 euros per month for the first year, against 19.99 euros usually. After this period, the rate then increases to 29.99 euros monthly.

If you are not eligible for optical fiber at your home, note that the ADSL subscription with the Livebox 4 is at the same price of 14.99 euros per month for one year, then at 19.99 euros monthly.

A fixed line with free TV application

The Boite Sosh offer includes a fixed telephone line for unlimited calls to landlines (with the possibility of keeping your current number) in Metropolitan France, but also to the overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations, including Morocco , Canada and the United States. Note also that you can add the option of unlimited calls to mobiles for 5 euros more per month.

As said before, the TV decoder is not included by default in the Sosh Box offer, but would the reverse be really useful when most televisions on the market offer all the so-called Smart TV functionalities? It’s up to you to decide if it seems essential to you, but you can access more than 160 channels for an additional 5 euros per month. Sosh still offers an alternative for those who don’t want to pay more thanks to the “Appli TV d’Orange” application, which allows you to watch more than 72 channels on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Livebox 5 for better throughput

The Fiber subscription at Sosh now includes the Livebox 5. This box used by Orange since 2019 offers “Intelligent” Wi-Fi, which allows better distribution of the wireless network and a design made entirely of recycled plastic. It is capable of managing speeds of up to 1 Gb/s per device for downloading (up to 2 Gb/s in shared mode), but the offer here is limited to 300 Mb/s, both in download than send. It’s definitely not the fastest speed on the market, but it’s a big enough gap if you’re currently on ADSL.

It is important to specify that the connection to the Fiber with the arrival of a technician at home is free and that the termination costs of your former operator (only for new customers) are reimbursed up to 100 euros. Finally, the cancellation fees amount to 50 euros.

Our Fiber/ADSL comparator

In order to discover the other offers available on the market, we invite you to consult our comparator of the best ADSL and Fiber offers of the moment!

Fibre, Câble

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Sans Player TV

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Telephony to 110 destinations

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