Souls-like Lies of P shows off in first gameplay video

After showing us a trailer on its story, Lies of P returns at the end of the year with a gameplay video shared by our colleagues from IGN, on YouTube. Forget Disney’s simpleton Pinocchio, this one is really dangerous!

Pinocchio will have to lie to find Geppetto

Presented for the first time last May by the publisher NeoWiz and the developer Round8, Lies of P, which could be translated as “the lies of Pinocchio”, has a clear ambition: to offer a breath of fresh air in the universe Souls-like where franchises Dark Souls and Bloodborne have laid the foundations of a solid edifice, and of a well-established hierarchy that the title wants to shake up.

To do this, Round8 intends to offer us an adventure in a dark universe where the story of Pinocchio will be freely readapted. To the point where the wonderful Disney tale will no longer be as magical as when it was released to the cinema in 1940.

One could even say that the codes will be turned upside down since Pinocchio will have to lie to become more human and survive in the very distressing town of Kraft. A practically abandoned place, only fueled by the thirst for blood and the madness of the inhabitants. Our hero will have to cross it to find Geppetto …

Its presentation trailer left no room for doubt on the subject: the first images that we had been able to discover a few months earlier had made a strong impression on the web, leading players to want to discover more.

A multifunction mechanical arm

Their wish is now granted. IGN has indeed just published a new video which focuses this time on the gameplay, where we can see Pinocchio in rather rhythmic fights.

Besides a devastating arsenal, Pinocchio will also be able to use several powers through his mechanical arm. Powers more impressive than each other, since the arm can go from a simple grapple to a flamethrower that will cook your enemies to perfection. As we told you, Pinocchio will also be able to change several parts of his body to obtain new skills, which he can combine with several weapons.

Finally, know that each lie you tell will have a direct influence on the course of history …

A really enticing program that we will unfortunately not be able to enjoy until 2023 on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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