Soundcore Frames: glasses and earphones in one

Either they are so inconspicuous – or simply nobody uses them: headphones built into (sun) glasses. Soundcore, Anker’s brand for sound and co., Today presented the Soundcore Frames. They have a sound system with two loudspeakers per bracket, coordinated DSP and the corresponding listening opening. The main speaker is in front of the user’s ear and another behind the ear to amplify the sound.

The Soundcore Frames also have on-ear wear detection and automatically pause the sound when the glasses are removed. The Soundcore frames have noise-reducing microphones and can easily be connected to a phone, tablet or PC in order to receive calls from anywhere or to take part in online meetings, according to the manufacturer.

When buying via the company’s website one should be able to choose from ten different frame styles. Buyers can also purchase additional frames in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles, including tinted sunglasses, prescription glasses, and blue light filter options.

Price? 180 euros – available from November. Other frame models are available from 50 euros.

Product Specifications:

· Frequency response: 20 ~ 20kHz

· Drivers (Speakers): 4 (2 per side)

· Size of driver / material: 25mm x 8mm (main); 8mm diameter (rear)

· Battery type / capacity: Lithium polymer / 110 mA (x2)

· Playing time / talk time / (normal mode): 5.5 hours @ 60% volume / 5 hours

· Fast charging time: 10 minutes = 1.5 hours

· Charging cable: Magnetic charging cable with USB

· Bluetooth-Version: 5.2

· IP / IPX rating: IPX4

· Control type: touch / swipe / voice

· Compatible with voice assistants

· Audiocodecs: SBC, AAC

· Wear recognition at the ear

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