Sources for TV 2: The Labor Party asked the Conservatives about documentation of Eva Kristin Hansen’s departure

Wednesday has been an above-average eventful day in the Storting, and in the morning it was almost chaotic conditions.

The election committee in the Labor Party had just presented its recommendation that Masud Gharahkhani was their candidate to take over as parliamentary president after Eva Kristin Hansen, quickly followed by a frontal attack for open stage in the walking hall from the wrecked Sverre Myrli.

That same morning, the Labor Party’s head of communications in the Storting, Jarle Roheim Håkonsen, wanted to get hold of what Hansen had sent in an e-mail to the Storting, where she formally announced her resignation.

But Håkonsen did not contact the Labor Party politician himself to get an answer.

The resignation application he contacted people in the Conservative Party to get hold of.

– Had not received a copy

In the corridor in the imperial wing, where the presidency sits in the Storting, there was a quick buzz about where this dismissal actually was, describe sources TV 2 has spoken to.

But it was quickly pointed out that anyone who wondered could contact the secretariat for documentation.

Acting President Svein Harberg (H) read out that Hansen formally announced his resignation in the Storting on Tuesday.

– The Storting has received notification from Storting President Eva Kristin Hansen that she is resigning as President of the Storting. It is proposed that this notice be attached to the minutes, Harberg said.

Håkonsen thus wanted to get hold of the message Harberg had received.

– Since we had not received a copy of the message Harberg quoted from Eva on the podium yesterday, I asked Harberg’s adviser for a copy of it. Experimentally unbureaucratic and okay, and nothing to make a mess of, I think now, then, says Håkonsen to TV 2.

He emphasizes that he had no doubt that Hansen had actually withdrawn, despite a sensational interview with Hansen’s defender the night before.

Proposed postponement of the presidential election

On Tuesday night, an interview was published with Eva Kristin Hansen’s lawyer John Christian Elden in Aftenposten, where he said that the Storting should postpone the question of replacing Hansen as president.

The background was that Hansen assumed that she was under police investigation when she withdrew on Thursday last week, something the police have denied to Elden.

Hansen himself did not want to be interviewed on Wednesday.

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