South American Youth Games, the event that made a difference for Santa Fe

After the organization and impressive deployment of the South American Games in Rosario, from the management of Omar Perotti highlighted the importance of showing the success of the event and consolidating the receptive tourism in Santa Fe.

“We are happy with the participation of the people of Santa Fe and the organization, more than a million people linked to the world of sports passed. It was an international event where Santa Fe showed that it can do this and much more,” he said Florence MillerSecretary of Sports.

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The delegations told us that everything was going very well.n. Also the human quality of the committee and the volunteers, that there were more than a thousand and 500 referees, all with a predisposition to be hosts”.

Santa Fe Games

The interviewee clarified that registration to sign up for the contest was extended until Friday, May 13. “It is the Provincial Sports Games, many children and adolescents want them to register, there is no impediment. We are working together with the Ministry of Education, there are more than 40 disciplines. We are already breaking enrollment record,” she detailed.

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It would start at 65 points in the province, the local stages, then come the departmental stages in 19 localities. Then we have the regional stage to do the provincial finals in September. “We want to make a sport party“, he sentenced.

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