South Korea’s truck drivers are on strike – supply chains at risk

Another strike by unionized truck drivers in South Korea threatens supply chains for the second time in a few months. “We have no choice but to shut down all logistics in Korea,” Lee Bong-ju, chairman of the Cargo Truckers Solidarity Union (CTSU), said today. He warned that oil shipments to key refineries and transportation at major ports and industrial plants could be suspended.

Truck drivers demonstrate in South Korea


“If the cargo workers’ union strike continues, it will not only put too much strain on large-scale industry, but also on people’s livelihoods and the national economy as a whole,” South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said.

With fuel costs rising, truckers are calling for the extension of the minimum wage scheme known as the Safe Freight Rate, which expires at the end of the year, as well as more benefits for truckers in other industries. The union is demanding that big companies be held accountable when they break minimum wage rules. The government in Seoul has agreed to extend the regulation by three years, but has rejected further demands from the unions.

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