SP startup launches face recognition for small and medium businesses

Facial recognition is not and does not need to be exclusive to large companies. Autentica is Assertiva’s biometric validation tool aimed at small and medium-sized companies. In times of digital transformation and many processes carried out in the cloud, via home office, this feature becomes more and more valuable.

The Campinas (SP) startup is a credit bureau focused on small businesses. Its new tool uses a machine learning algorithm to identify the person in various situations, such as opening a bank account, authorizing a payment or delivering a service or product. The goal is to be another strong security step to prevent identity fraud or other abuse.

Facial identification can also be used to make other processes safer, such as electronic signature with legal validity and onboarding digital, that is, the teaching of new practices to the client. Biometrics authenticates the proper individual and prevents other people from impersonating him, even when communicating at a distance.

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Startup in Campinas (SP), Autentica is a credit bureau focused on small businesses (Image: Reproduction/Kevin Schneider/Pixabay)

The feature can be integrated into the company’s system via an API (application programming interface), but Assertiva also offers the possibility of accessing it on its own web platform — a model that, she says, has been the preference of small businesses . As it is in the cloud, this system does not require local installation and Assertiva is also responsible for support, at no extra cost.

The startup sells the complete solution or simplified and cheaper versions that can only include the validation of digital signature or proof of life, just to mention two examples.

Victor Albertini, founder and current CEO of Assertiva, says in a press release that practicality is the solution’s greatest asset. “During the pandemic, many companies started to offer, for convenience, the sending of these documents in other ways (e-mail, WhatsApp, etc.). However, the signatures still had to be made physically. that he spent around R$60 per contract that he ordered the client to sign, via courier”, he comments.

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