Space tourism: Prince William taunts Musk and Bezos

On a flight into space Prince William “absolutely no interest”. Space tourism raises “fundamental questions” in matters CO2-Austoß up, said the British royal in an interview with the BBC.

It is much more important to find solutions for the Climate change than looking for a habitable planet in space. “The world’s brightest minds should focus on repairing our planet rather than looking for a new place to live,” continued Prince William.

Bill Gates also criticizes space tourism

The British Queen’s grandson is not alone in criticizing space tourism. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates only got his displeasure with them on a US late-night show at the end of September Space Company Ambitions Voiced by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Instead of flying into space, he’d rather do something about it Infectious diseases how malaria and HIV are doing, says the Microsoft co-founder. “I probably bore people with it at cocktail parties,” said Gates, adding: “We have enough to do on earth.”

Bill Gates on Elon Musk

In February of this year, Gates mentioned in an interview for his current book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster“Besides, that he is opposed to Space-X-Chef Elon Musk want to focus on the issues here on Earth – not on Mars. At the same time, he admitted to Musk that he had done a lot against climate change with his electric car company Tesla.

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