Spain: Lava catches a group of dogs and now authorities feed them with drones | VIDEO

Almost a month has passed since the Cumbre Vieja volcano (La Palma, Spain) exploded and this time the lava trapped a group of dogs, which are being fed daily thanks to a drone.

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According , the pets were locked in a pond in the town of Todoque. This was pointed out by the Cabildo of the Canary Island on their social networks.

The animals were located five days ago, but due to the high temperature in the area, it has not been possible to reach them to rescue them and put them safely.

Thus, technology has provided a solution. Are the companies Volcanic Life and Ticom Solucions SL those responsible for sending him water and food several times a day.

So far, the lava from the volcano Old Summit it has not stopped declining since September 19. There are thousands of people evacuated and millions of euros in losses.

The seismic activity has not decreased in the area either and this Wednesday there was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, the strongest since the volcano’s explosion.


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Spain: They capture a volcanic ray on the La Palma volcano In Spain, a volcanic ray on the summit of the La Palma crater could be captured by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands. The Cumbre Vieja Eruption does not stop and has already destroyed more than 753 buildings. (Source: TV Peru)

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