Spain on track to approve three-day menstrual leave

Measure applies to severe and disabling cases. Some Asian countries have the same law.

A bill that includes the right of women request a sick leave up to three days of work if they suffer from severe pain caused by menstruation is about to be approved in Spain, which will make the country one of the pioneers in this field in Europe. In statements to the newspaper The Periodical, Angela Rodriguezthe country’s Secretary of State for Equality explained the reason for the measure.

“When the problem cannot be resolved clinically, we believe it is very sensible to have [o direito a] one temporary disability associated with this problem”. “It is important to clarify what a painful period is. We are not talking about mild discomfort, but about severe symptoms such as diarrhea, severe headaches and fever,” he continued. The official also recalled “a study that says that 53% of women suffer from painful menstruation and, among younger women, this percentage reaches 74%.

In Asia, menstrual leave is already a reality in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Zambia. In addition to this measure, the Spanish decree includes another that allows women over the age of 16 to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy without parental approval.

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