Special Envoy: the first information on the shock investigation on Nicolas Hulot (VIDEO)

While a number ofCorrespondent devoted to the Nicolas Hulot affair is about to be broadcast, Élise Lucet and Virginie Vilar gave some information on the investigation this Thursday, November 25 in C to you.

This Thursday, November 25, an unpublished issue ofCorrespondent risk of making a lot of noise. In summary, an investigation in which five women testify and accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault, rape and harassment. This documentary is France Télévisions’ best kept secret. Four years ago, journalist Virginie Vilar took up the case when the first accusations against the former host fell. During all its years, the teams of the magazine of France 2 are discreet. Élise Lucet would have shown this investigation only to members of her team and would have refused any screening to the press. This Thursday, the dreaded presenter of Cash Investigation and Virginie Vilar were invited to C to you. A few hours before the broadcast of their long-awaited investigation, the two journalists have sketched the broad outlines of what you will be able to see tonight.

Stories “very similar”

For four years, Viriginie Vilar collected the testimonies of women accusing the politician. It was to Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine that she gave the outline of her interviews: “These women denounce both inappropriate gestures, inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. There is even talk of rape. These are women who were quite young at the time of the events. One of them was a minor“, she explains. For her part, Élise Lucet notes that this is often the same procedure:”These are times when they don’t expect it because, a priori, there is no ambiguity, these are completely normal reports. These are business meetings, a moment in a taxi, in a car, where there is no reason for anything to happen. What they say is that at one point it gets out of hand“, she confides. The similarity of the stories of these women surprised Élise Lucet:”It is striking: these women do not know each other, they have never met and they tell us very similar things. There are sentences spoken which are the same, it is very amazing“, she remarks.

An interview request refused by Nicolas Hulot

Since November 9, an adversarial request has been initiated. Elise Lucet reveals to be in contact with Nicolas hulot and his two lawyers. “There were exchanges between us, phone calls, exchanges of emails, letters“, explains the journalist. The former presenter of 13 hours of France 2 declares to have offered an interview to Nicolas Hulot, who recently announced to leave the public life:”What we wanted was to hear Nicolas Hulot, we wanted to give him the floor and know his version of the facts. But he and his lawyers refused, we really regret it“, she concludes.

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