Specialists ‘destroy’ Brunella Horna for her dress: “You look pale, your bag ruined everything”

THEY DESTROYED IT. Although Brunella Horna has had good comments on social networks for her elegant dress at Valeria Piazza’s wedding, fashion specialists Nicole Akari and Pepe Torrejon They decided to disagree and harshly criticize the look that led to the marriage.

“She wanted to go as the little ice princess, the dress was cute, the shoes were cute, but you have a big problem with bags. No matter how branded the bag has, apart from that it seemed patent leather, ”Nicole Akari began by highlighting.

By way of supporting her, Pepe Torrejón agreed and assured that the color of the dress with the bag made her look very pale for her skin tone.

“. The color of her dress, hair, shoes and bag makes her look very pale. It is the combination of the tones, ”she pointed out.

Brunella Horna and the criticism of the experts on dress
Brunella Horna and the criticism of the experts on dress

In response, the “baby bru” assured that the important thing is to feel comfortable with what she is wearing and that it is enough that she looks pretty. “Next time I’ll call you so you don’t criticize me,” she said with a smile.

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