Specimens of the Patagonian Plover are recorded in Argentina and Chile

Saturday May 14, 2022 | 2:00 p.m.

Environmentalists from Argentine and Chilean Patagonia are carrying out the Binational Winter Census of the Patagonian Plover, an endemic species from the south of the continent and considered “endangered,” starting this Friday.

In a dialogue with Télam, the coordinator of the Conservation Area of ​​the South Environment Foundation, María Luz Alsina, explained that the observation will take place until Monday inclusive and highlighted that on Saturday, coinciding with World Bird Watching Day, there will be the called Citizen Science, the observation and contribution of ordinary people to establish the studied populations.

Alsina recalled that, previously, 20 people surveyed 180 lagoons along 1,800 kilometers and that in Argentina “only a little more than 260 individuals were detected, when a population of almost 1,800 specimens is estimated; therefore, it is considered a near-threatened population. “.

The Patagonian Plover is considered an endemic population of Patagonia because “almost all of its reproductive cycle is in Patagonia”; although “a decrease in the quality of its environment that coincides with the productive areas for man” is also observed.

The professional highlighted that some 15 people from both countries will act as Citizen Science collaborators and that, together with members of the foundation, thanks to the support of the international organization Mamonet, they will carry out “the local observation to register on the platform, which is the baseline for the next actions” for the conservation of these small birds, so characteristic of the area.

“In winter they migrate and reach the south of the province of Buenos Aires, but most of them concentrate in Patagonia during their entire reproductive cycle,” added Alsina, who added that at this time their presence is more towards the coast, as in the estuary of the Rio Gallegos.

The observations of these sessions will also be carried out in the area of ​​Fuentes del Coyle and Punta Loyola; in addition to Tierra del Fuego and Magallanes, in southern Chile.

On the Chilean side, the Patagonian plover is known as the Magellanic plover and its scientific name is Pluvianellus Sociais.

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