Spectacular gift to Victoria at the King’s party – that’s why Sofia was without

Crown Princess Victoria

The President’s Mark – here he makes the unique exception for Crown Princess Victoria!

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But what kind of necklace was Crown Princess Victoria wearing at the royal dinner yesterday?

Yes, many have wondered!

It really stood out on her sheer chiffon dress – and it was so heavy and mammoth, and so impressive in all its glory.

Crown Princess Victoria with her Finnish words The Commander's Sign of Finland's White Rose

Crown Princess Victoria with the chain that has become a snack bar.

Photo: Markku Ulander / TT

But it is also not an ordinary necklace – but something many times bigger and more honorable.

Namely, Finland’s finest words: Commander of Finland’s White Rose’s words.

By all accounts, a unique gift that Crown Princess Victoria received from President Sauli Niinistö during the first day of the Finnish state visit yesterday.

Crown Princess Victoria with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio

The Crown Princess with President Sauli Niinistö before lunch at the Royal Palace.

Photo: Henrik Montgomery / TT

However, no such chain could be seen on Princess Sofia and it has its striped reasons:

The Crown Princess is Sweden’s heir to the throne and future queen, and it is by virtue of this that the president has presented her with this unique order.

Sofia’s glamorous look – make a big hit in the love red bubble!

Crown Princess Victoria in Finland’s finest order

According to Svensk Dam’s experience, it is worn only by Finnish presidents and by heads of state in the Nordic countries, and it is usually handed over in connection with the person in question taking up his position as incumbent monarch or president.

But even now, President Niinistö has honored the Crown Princess in this heavy way – something that further strengthens the image of Finland’s close relationship with Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria with her new words The Grand Cross with a chain of Finland's White Rose words.

Crown Princess Victoria with her new words.

Photo: The Royal Courts of Justice and TT

“The fact that Queen Silvia also wears the Great Cross with a chain is also unique and shows the very special bond that Finland has with Sweden in particular,” says our informant.

– President Urho Kekkonen was a true friend of Sweden and it was he who awarded her this award. And note that neither Norwegian Queen Sonja nor Queen Margrethe’s husband Prince Henrik has received it.

King and Queen Silvia with Finland's finest words: Commander of Finland's White Rose's.

Queen Silvia with the Finnish Grand Cross in a chain. A deep honor – and thus something that stands out!

Photo: Christine Olsson / TT

Swedish Lady is looking for the court’s information director Margareta Thorgren.

Photo: TT.

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