Spectacular solar halo was captured by Perseverance from the surface of Mars

This Sunday, September 18, NASA’s Perseverance marks 19 months since its landing on Mars. It was on February 18, 2021 when the space vehicle stepped on a surface different from that of the Earth.

Therefore, we celebrate it with a historical milestone that the device has recently managed to capture with its photographic instruments. It’s about a spectacular solar halo, exactly the same as those that occur on Earth.

A solar halo is a phenomenon that occurs frequently in the cold, boreal areas of our planet.

However, sometimes the climatic conditions line up to give away this visual spectacle in tropical regions such as Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

What is a solar halo? A visual spectacle featuring an iridescent ring around the Moon or Sun.

It occurs when the air of an atmosphere has crystallized particles that are very light because of the cold. They call this clouds of the cirrostratus type.

Then these ice particles remain in suspension in the troposphere and this refracts the light that finally causes a spectrum of colors around the Moon or the Sun.

Solar halo from Mars

This same phenomenon occurred on Mars and the chambers of the NASA Perseverance They managed to catch it. According to what the scientific popularizer Álex Rivero explains, on his Twitter account, the capture was made on December 15, 2021.

Due to the atmospheric conditions of Mars it was thought that this could not happen on the red planet. However, nature has shown us the opposite.

From NASA, specifically in the direction of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) they do not want to anticipate making conjectures about this solar halo. They explained that they are going to wait for the next Mars winter to see if they witness this phenomenon again.

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