Speech Therapy Day, the importance of teaching to communicate

Every May 12, our country commemorates the Speech Therapist and Speech Therapist Dayin commemoration of the anniversary of the creation of the first Argentine Phonoaudiological Scientific Entity (ASALFA) in 1948.

I am a mechanicVirginia Tola, for example, is the driver of a Ferrari. After a trip, I look where the voice is tired, what I do is stretch the rope and warm up“he explained on the air mercedes bassiabout his profession.

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It is a professional discipline that is related to health sciences, psychology and applied linguistics. It is responsible for the study, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of normal and pathological processes of human communicationaddressing it from five fundamental areas: oral and written language, speech, voice, hearing and oral pharyngeal function (swallowing) at any stage of the human being’s life cycle, from infants to older adults.

From another discipline, Melina Bruera, a music teacher, asked about the relationship between speech therapy and music, considering that it is a way of expressing oneself and communicating.

“There is a close relationship. Breathing is premium gasoline. It depends on how one doses the air are the results. I do see a fairly important problem in speech, when one speaks one does not think in the air, people are split. In singing one does think about the air, but in everyday life there is no coordination between what one speaks, the air is not dosed. You have to be air thieves, to speak, very little all the time. People drink a lot and they drop it at the beginning.”

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But for Bassi it is more than air. It has to do with posture, emotion, what causes you to lose your voice; “Everything manifests itself in the voice. I always ask a question, what do they do to dress the voice or undress it? The vocal cords are muscles, they don’t elongate, they don’t exercise. The voice is used all the time, you have to lengthen it and undress it, is key before going to bed. Also give them steam, they do not receive liquids because they are in the air zone, bronchi, larynx, lung, “she explained.

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