Spider-Man: No Way Home Joins TikTok With An Account For The Daily Bugle

The fictional newspaper The Daily Bugle, featured in Spider-Man comics and movies, seems to have finally made it to real life, but in a totally different format than the tabloid and integrating into the world of social media.

The website of CNET reported that El Daily Bugle has signed up for TikTok. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) and Sony Pictures comic-based films will be able to follow account activity to find out what’s new about Spider-Man: No Way Home, until their release arrives. premiere.

The profile of The Daily Bugle was created this Wednesday, November 24 and already has more than 435 thousand followers, more than a million likes and three very interesting publications, two starring Betty Brant, the most recent and unpaid intern of the newspaper , and one in which he also appears alongside J. Jonah Jameson, played by the iconic JK Simmons.

The published videos

In the first clip of the account, Betty Brant promises to report “the fair, balanced and compelling news that you expect from The Daily Bugle.”

In another clip, Brant asks viewers to step in and “share their Spider-Man sightings, misconceptions, vague rumors, and today’s craziest conspiracy theories,” especially on key days leading up to the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, where rumors, fake news and theories quickly flourish.

Finally, and in the funniest of the videos posted on the Daily Bugle’s TikTok account, the intern says: “Tell us you hate Spider-Man without telling us exactly that you hate him”. The clip includes words from Brant and the irreverent J. Jonah Jameson, who exclaims: “Spidermadness’. God help us”.

Will intern Betty Brant and J. Jonah Jameson inform us through The Daily Bugle’s TikTok account of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s appearance in the long-awaited Spider-Man movie? Just in case, it’s time to follow it.

“For the first time in Spider-Man cinematic history, our friendly neighbor hero is unmasked and can no longer separate his normal life from the great challenges of being a superhero. When he asks Doctor Strange for help, the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it really means to be Spider-Man.”, Explains the official synopsis.

The film’s cast consists of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Zendaya as MJ, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Jamie Fox as Electro, Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, among others.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, directed by Jon Watts, opens on December 17. Next, the official trailer for the film.

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