Spider-Man: The Daily Bugle Gets An Account On TikTok

For the release of No Way Home, The Daily Bugle offers itself a TikTok account in its name and actively participates in the promotion of the film.

Marketing when you hold us! In order to prepare for the upcoming release of Spider-Man : No Way Home, Marvel is pouring into a new communications strategy. Indeed, The Daily Bugle, fictitious newspaper of the franchise, has just offered a TikTok account in its name. The imaginary tabloid has already published three videos which have met with phenomenal success. In a few days, the subscriber count went wild, now registering 214,000 active fans. In addition to the traditional trailers, this account allows you to actively participate in the promotion of the film.

The Daily Bugle (and Spider-Man) invite themselves to TikTok
The Daily Bugle (and Spider-Man) invite themselves to TikTok – Credit: Sony Pictures

The fake newspaper is also self-promoting, revealing behind the scenes of its editorial staff. But the account should soon deliver a lot of exclusives about the next installment of Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man: No Way Home Goes On Social Media

The first video features a certain Betty, an unpaid intern for the newspaper. In her official announcement, the young lady promises that the editorial staff will offer nice surprises. “We will bring you fair, balanced and impactful news. That’s all you expect from the Daily Bugle ” thus explains the latter. In the second, the same young woman asks readers “Share their observations on Spider-Man and their craziest theories”. The account and its videos are visible here.

This new form of publicity for the film is nothing short of gratifying. It changes the usual techniques for promoting a new film project. Until the exit of No Way Home , The Daily Bugle should therefore give us many previews and exclusives related to the franchise. The number of subscribers should increase significantly in the coming days.

So while waiting to go to the dark rooms, why not take a look at TikTok. This will allow you to wait a little longer …

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Source : CNET.com

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