Spontaneous kiss as part of an anniversary – what is changing now?

Warning, spoilers for the anniversary episode on May 12, 2022 follow:

Gerner has to hide and only a few know his whereabouts. Others even believe he is dead. Eventually a funeral is held for him, but Katrin knows where her business partner is hiding and actively supports him on the mission to prove his innocence and get Linostrami behind bars.

In these stressful times, the two seem to be getting closer again. Nobody at GZSZ knows each other as long and intensively as the two. Now the two seem to be getting closer again, which is in culminates in a brief kiss between Katrin and Gerner.

Katrin is happily in a relationship with Tobias (Jan Kittmann), while Gerner is actually with Yvonne, but what does the kiss mean for the future? Apparently it’s a one-off affair, because although Katrin doesn’t tell Tobias anything about the kiss, she assures him: “I love you”. However, should Tobias find out what really happened, it could further weaken his confidence. GZSZ always runs Monday to Friday at 7.40 p.m. or at any time on RTL +.

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