Sport: American sprinter Allyson Felix’s fight to combine high level and motherhood


Sport: American sprinter Allyson Felix's fight to combine high level and motherhood

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American sprinter Allyson Felix, 11-time Olympic medalist, has revealed that when she wanted to start a family, her sponsors flew away. She has since launched a free childcare program for her sisters.

At the twilight of her career, American sprinter Allyson Felix found a new battle: that sportswomen can reconcile high level and motherhood. The most successful female athlete in history has launched a free childcare program for her sisters, who suffered from a career slowdown when she became pregnant in 2018. The Nike brand, his sponsor at the time, had then drastically reduced his remuneration.

The story of Allyson Felix resonates today in France, where many champions have had to put their careers on hold to become a mother. Among them, the boxer Estelle Mossely and windsurfer Charline picon. In some sports, the lines start to move. Thus, French handball has for example adopted an agreement which guarantees the maintenance of the salary of the players for one year, in the event of pregnancy.

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