Sport Boys and four other League 2 clubs denounced by SAFAP after non-payment

Sport Boys, in the midst of its economic crisis, was denounced by SAFAP.

The mismanagement of Peruvian clubs comes to light once again. SAFAP published a statement through its social networks where it reported that Sports Boys and four other teams from the second division do not comply with the payment of their debts from previous years. Likewise, he expects a punishment for these institutions.

“Currently five clubs have been in breach of past debt payment agreements (2021 or earlier). From League 1: Club Sport Boys and from League 2: Alfonso Ugarte, Juan Aurich, Sport Chavelines and Santos FC. We demand that the affected deadlines be met or, failing that, with the corresponding sanctions. These complaints have already been raised at the time of non-compliance. It is our obligation to ensure that the labor rights of our members are respected,” wrote the national organization.

As for Sport Boys, the ‘chalaca’ squad is going through a crisis and that was reflected in the statements of their sports manager, Martin Hidalgo. “It is an economic issue to bring so many players and that there are no free ones either, ”said the former player.

Photo: League 1.
Photo: League 1.


It is not the first time that SAFAP has raised a complaint against the ‘Misilera’. In the past week, Roberto Silva, former player and president of said institution, attacked the cast of Callao. Why? The ‘Tanque’ considers that the club has been harmed by the mismanagement of the administrators.

“In League 1 the issues are quite controlled except for Sport Boys unfortunately. It is an institution that cannot find a handle on its situation. I am very sorry. I have enormous affection for Boys as an institution, it is a club that should always be present, since it gives relevance to the tournamentbut your administration is being lousy”, He held in conversation with Willax.

Likewise, Silva stated that this conduct of Sports Boys It is being repetitive. “He has previous payment agreements pending and so far he has not paid any so far this year, he has had license penalties and other things. It worries me because there is no light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully they find a way to fix it because we have constant complaints from the boys.”


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