Sport in bed: This is how you start the day fit in the morning

  • This advantages brings the morning sport
  • Here’s how you can him implement
  • ideas for exercises in bed
  • Conclusion

In the morning you are usually still a bit sleepy and would like to stay in bed as long as possible. But some exercise can make you more alert and help you start your day. In doing so, many exercises can also be made right in bed.

Exercising in the morning brings many benefits

If you always need a little longer to get out of bed in the morning, you can use the time to do some sport; and even on the spot, without having to get up. If you do a few light exercises in bed, it will bring you directly cycle in momentum, so that you can start the day motivated and awake. During this time you also get the opportunity to be by yourself, to focus on yourself and your body and to enjoy the stillness before the day starts.

It is enough to integrate a few exercises into your morning routine to target different ones to stabilize muscle groups. Depending on the exercise, you direct the focus to different areas of the body. Here you can focus entirely on your needs.

Starting the day with exercise can help you according to studies also in the long term Improving your sleep quality help. Exercising in the evening, on the other hand, can make you feel too awake and have trouble falling asleep. In addition, your metabolism stimulated by morning exercise. This means that more calories can often be burned throughout the day because the metabolism has already been boosted in the morning.

Simple exercises in bed

It is best to set your alarm clock early enough and choose in advance the exercises you want to do in bed in the morning. So you can start right after the alarm clock rings. These 5 training units are particularly suitable for a small workout in bed:

  1. for one abdominal exercise in bed you first lie on your back with your legs at a 90 degree angle to the ceiling. Now raise your pelvis and hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds.
  2. for one slightly more difficult option you stretch your legs, again lying on your back, parallel to the ceiling. Then raise your legs in a controlled manner, hold the position for about ten seconds and lower them back down with tension.
  3. Especially in the morning it makes sense to focus on the back muscles to lie down, especially if you sit a lot during the rest of the day. For this exercise, lie on your back and place your feet about hip-width apart. The arms remain relaxed next to the body. Now slowly lift your pelvis up so that you can feel the vertebrae in your back. Hold the position for about fifteen seconds before lowering your pelvis again.
  4. A simple one leg exercise This can be done in bed by lying on one side and crossing your legs at a right angle. Support your head with your arm underneath and raise the leg that is on top of the other. Slowly lower it back down in a controlled manner. After about 20-30 reps, you can switch sides.
  5. Yours too upper arms you can train using your bed. For this you have to get out of bed and stand with your back to the mattress. Then squat down and support your arms on the frame with your elbows bent. Place your legs at a right angle in front of you and begin to push yourself up with your arms and lower yourself in a controlled manner. It is important that you never straighten your arms completely.

How often you repeat the exercises and which ones you choose is up to you – depending on which one needs your body has and how much time you want to take in the morning.

Conclusion: Exercising in the morning is easier to implement than you might think at first glance and at the same time offers you many advantages. Afterwards you can start the day awake and motivated and look forward to a delicious breakfast. Here you can read which breakfast experts recommend for the perfect start to the day.

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