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At 24, Clara Matéo combines two activities: she is a professional footballer playing for Paris FC and the French team, but also an engineer in a company specializing in technical materials.

Football player Clara Matéo, who plays as an attacker at Paris Football Club, also holds an engineering position with Arkema, a specialist in technical materials. “It’s always been part of my desire to have something alongside footballshe says. It’s true that football takes up a lot of my time, but having a job on the side allows me to work my brain, to interact with people outside of football.”

The 24-year-old engineer footballer wishes to have, later, her “after-career charted”. “It is important to know that once I have stopped my career, I will be able to occupy a position at 100%”, she adds. Once his tasks have been accomplished in his company, his second life begins: heading to training. “Training and working in a company are benefits that are not visible (…). As soon as [Clara] had an employer, she was much more successful on the sporting level, because I think that brings a little confidence”Explain Sandrine Soubeyrand, coach of Paris FC.

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