Spotify gives TikTok a clear warning and tries a new ‘feed’ of music videos

The great popularity with which TikTok has today has made other applications such as Spotify implement functions similar to those used by the Chinese social network. Vertical videos have had such an impact globally that other platforms such as Instagram have decided to incorporate that format, but now the music streaming service has also decided to try this entertaining style.

Spotify has started to experience a new section in its mobile application. As published by TechCrunch, the music service works in a section called Discover and its icon is displayed in the shortcut bar between the Start button and Search.

This section consists of an exclusive feed for TikTok-style music videos. Here users will be able to navigate by sliding vertically and, like other platforms, it will also be possible to react to videos.

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Users will have the possibility to react using the heart icon to indicate that they like the videos, in the same way that it happens with the songs in the 100% audio version of Spotify.

Discover from Spotify is in trial

So far TikTok’s new inspired Spotify feature is currently in its testing phase. The information that this tool was being tested by the music platform was released through Twitter by developer Chris Messina, who discovered the function when testing a beta of Spotify for iOS in TestFlight.

Although Spotify is an application focused on audio, it was to be expected that at some point it would try to immerse itself in videos with the aim of reaching new horizons and expanding the variety of its service.

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