Spring concert of the SHM Nüziders

The SHM Nüziders at the spring concert in the Sonnenberg Hall

The SHM Nüziders at the spring concert in the Sonnenberg Hall

On Sunday, May 8th, the spring concert of the Sonnenberger Harmoniemusik Nüziders took place in the Sonnenberg Hall.

After two years of a pandemic-related concert break, it was finally time again! The planned Cäcila concert from last November became the spring concert to which the SHM Nüziders invited on Mother’s Day in the Sonnenbergsaal.

The youth band led by Lisa-Maria Frei opened the evening. As one of the largest young musicians in the country, the youth band proudly welcomed eight new young musicians. The highlight was the medley from the film “Greatest Showman”. Backed by scenes from the film, the joy on stage was palpable, as was that of the audience, throughout the hall.

After a short change of crew on the stage, the Sonnenberger Harmoniemusik continued. Conducted and put together by Kapellmeister Helmut Schuler, the SHM presented their program for the best. From classics like the “Florentine March” to the modern pop song “No Roots” by Alice Merton, harmony music is back on stage.

The SHM Nüziders would like to thank you for coming, your applause and your praise.
It’s always great for you to play!

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