Spring is here, do you know what your favorite flower is according to your zodiac sign?

Did you know that there is a relationship between the horoscope and flowers, and that each sign is closely related to one type or several types of flowers? Now that we are a few hours away from spring (expected by many so that the atmosphere warms up a bit), find out which flower is your favorite according to your zodiac sign.

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It is the first sign of the zodiac and its flower is the red rose, which represents passion and romance. Arians are characterized by being impulsive, precise and intelligent people.


The one that fits with them is the one that symbolizes honor, power and loyalty. We refer to the fleur de lis. It makes a good ‘match’ with the Taurus personality: strong, sincere and generous.


Gerberas symbolize beauty and innocence; like Geminis. This flower expresses the personality that we look for in love, as well as in people who are noble by nature.

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Jasmines are associated with feelings of sweetness, purity and surrender. Those born under this sign tend to go out of their way for others, they are good communicators and very self-sacrificing.


The sunflower represents love and admiration, but also demand, responsibility and energy. Leos are usually authoritarian, dominant and strong-willed people.


Orchids represent beauty, responsibility, control and curiosity. These qualities define Virgo, which is why they will be his favorite today, tomorrow and always.


Libras, like white roses, are the most balanced people; they tend to be moderate, thoughtful, conscientious and transparent. The white color is related to love and peace.


Astromelias remind us of the personality of Scorpio, someone strong and direct, who does not hesitate to be honest in any situation, as well as firm with his ideas.


Sagittarians like to reflect on everything they do. They are intelligent and conscientious, so geraniums, attractive and brightly colored flowers, will be their favorites.


Capricorns stand out for being ambitious, resistant and for the ability to surpass themselves, as well as for their passion for work. Therefore, the flower that represents them is the lily.


The tulip is one of the most appreciated flowers in the world, due to its beauty, elegance and sensitivity, well-marked characteristics that Aquarians have.


The lotus flower is a delicate aquatic plant. In most Asian cultures, as in Buddhism, it symbolizes purity, tranquility and grace, qualities that fit the spirit of Pisces.


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