Spring-summer 2022 welcomes this color trend

The spring arrived on this side of the continent, the sun accompanies us with still weak brightness and the cold gives way to the change of season. That is why even the color of clothes changes to be in accordance with the climate, which also manages to give us more enthusiasm and joy.

Therefore, we consult , image consultant, color specialist, personal shopper and director of to tell us about the colors used this season and give us some tips to stop wearing monochromatic.

A season of bright colors is coming, the use of color contrasts is in trend. For example, color bloking (use of opposite colors on the color wheel). Among the strong colors will be the bright yellow, fuchsia, magenta, neon trailing from the previous season. Also parrot green, bright red or orange. Also, soft colors will be used. Strong color contrasts are very much in trend”Says Ana María Uzuriaga in an interview for the group Trade.

How to know what colors you have?

According to the specialist, it would be ideal to carry out a color study where it is possible to know the colors that go with your skin, eyes and even the color of your hair, but as a general idea, she recommends taking the following into account:

We have to know our skin tone, if it is light, medium or dark. In addition, the contrast that forms between skin tone and hair. If we compare them, it should give us a high, medium or low contrast”, Says the Image consultant.

With this you can choose the intensity of color that we can use, as well as the combinations of contrasts. For example, if you have dark hair and medium skin then I make a medium high contrast between my skin and hair, the colors that I will use will be intense. Ana María reminds us that if you prefer to use soft colors, although it does not go with your medium-high contrast, you should combine it with other garments in colors that contrast.

A clear example of high contrasts is the actress Anne Hathaway, because the color of her hair contrasts with the color of her skin. While a medium contrast has it her colleague Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston has a medium or low contrast between her hair and her skin”, He adds Uzuriaga.

People who do high contrast, that is, who have dark eyes and hair color, need bright colors. And those with low contrast should use soft colors, but it is not an exclusive rule, says the color specialist.

Anne Hathaway y Jessica Alba. (Photo by JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP)

How to lose the fear of colors?

The image consultant recommends starting by wearing trendy accessories to help give your outfit a modern look. “If you don’t like colors, but want to wear them, start with accessories in bright colors that also give you a fresh look. And little by little your eyes will get used to the color”.

“You could also put together a monochrome look, that is, a blouse and pants in a single color like black, blue or beige and add a blazer in a more striking color. That way you are risking a little more ”, says Ana María, who adds:“In very formal and corporate areas, colors can go in accessories and if they are more informal areas, do not be afraid to wear colored garments.”.


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