Spy x Family’s Most Creative Cosplay Takes Anya Forger Off Screen

In the second quarter of the year, one of the most popular animes of 2022 arrived with Spy x Family, a very peculiar and funny family comedy. Since then the telepathic girl Anya Forger She has become very popular and a very creative new cosplay takes her from the screen to real life with an incredible result.

Does anyone remember those toys where when you crush a monkey’s head it changes its face? It seems that the creator of the new Anya Forger cosplay was inspired by these toys, as he brought the protagonist of Spy x Family to real life by recreating four of her most popular expressions, as we can see in the video below:

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This weekend user Gliterring Grimoire shared a video of the Anya Forger cosplay described above on Twitter, where it went viral thanks to its quality and ingenuity. The cosplay was posted two days ago and currently has more than 2.3 million views, reaching many Spy x Family fans.

What sets the aforementioned cosplay apart is that it recreated Anya’s head in what appears to be cardboard with paper hair, but in such a way that the wearer of the costume can turn Anya’s head (without moving her hair) to present four different faces. . These faces are inspired by popular moments from the Spy x Family anime.

The first face of Anya Forger that shows the person under her cosplay is that of the telepathic girl crying, but the second features one of the most popular faces with the smile that hides her anger, as we saw in the anime when she had to try with Damien Desmond. The third face in the cosplay is Anya’s thoughtful face, while the last is the girl’s normal expression.

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