Squid Game: A Critique of Capitalism for North Korea

Who would’ve believed that ? North Korea loves Squid Game, believing that the Netflix series denounces the excesses of capitalism.

Image 1: Squid Game: A Critique of Capitalism for North Korea
North Korea loves the show’s message – Credit: Netflix

Squid Game, this is the series of the moment, available since the end of September on Netflix. An unexpectedly successful program, shattering all records. It is no coincidence that many will opt for a costume taken from the series for Halloween… Without forgetting that the creator of Squid Game wishes a second season, regularly questioned on this subject. And as the latter revisited the finale, revealing that it is a critique of capitalism and our competitive societies, North Korea seems to agree. State media believe that Squid Game proves that capitalism doesn’t work.

Squid Game, the ultimate series against capitalism?

North Korea appreciates Squid Game And this is not a joke. The country, assumed dictatorship, explains that the series ” raises awareness of the sad South Korean reality where human beings are driven to extreme competition and their humanity destroyed “. State media speak of a ” process of hundreds of people forced to live horrible lives, in debt, in a brutal game where they kill each other for a winner to win a large sum of money ».

As a reminder, Squid Game talks about 456 over-indebted people struggling to land a cash prize of several million dollars. Participants must pass deadly and children’s play-inspired trials. The series was a real hit, especially in China despite the ban from Netflix. In South Korea, an ISP sued Netflix for raising the network’s tastes.

Obviously, the neighbor of South Korea took advantage of the craze to slip a tackle. Because remember that the two countries have been at war since 1950.

Jeff Bezos can’t wait to watch Squid Game

Ironically, Jeff Bezos, the ultimate figure of capitalism, praised Netflix’s international strategy with non-English series. The man explains that he can’t wait to watch Squid Game, yet an obvious criticism of monetary drifts in a society obsessed with competition!

Source : Cnet

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