Squid Game: a North Korean high school student sentenced to death

A North Korean high school student accused of illegally retrieving the Squid Game series to show it to his friends would be sentenced to death.

squid game netflix series season 2 north korea north korea
A disturbing case from North Korea – Credit: Netflix

Difficult to miss Squid Game. The Korean series has known a huge success since its broadcast and a season 2 is officially being prepared. It must be said that this production Netflix offers a gripping plot. A deadly game in which 456 broke participants compete to the last survivor to collect 45.6 billion won ($ 38 million). And while North Korea congratulates Squid Game disturbing news comes from the country for its anti-capitalist message. That of a student sentenced to death for trafficking in the series.

A student smuggling the series

Squid Game is a hit all over the world but we know it is difficult to bring cultural productions to North Korea. And according to several sites like CNET and Kotaku, illegal copies of the series have arrived in the country via USB sticks and SD cards. And it seems that one of the buyers, a young student, is now on death row.

The latter showed it to school, a high school, and must pass in front of a firing squad. His six friends who watched the series must serve 5 years of forced labor. The employees of the establishment, professors and members of administration, have been dismissed and could be exiled.

A report explains that: “ It all starts when a high school student secretly buys a USB stick containing Squid Game to watch it with his best friends in class. One of them talks about it to the others, who are interested, then shares the USB key with them ».

A new law banning foreign media

squid game netflix series season 2 north korea north koreasquid game netflix series season 2 north korea north korea
A new law in North Korea – Credit: Netflix

If this report turns out to be true, since it must be taken with a grain of salt, this comes from a law passed in North Korea. A law prohibiting the possession and / or distribution of programs from elsewhere such as those from South Korea. A decision taken after following the recent availability of series and music from this country. Squid Game completely falls into this category.

It seems that in North Korea, non-profit organizations distribute these programs. The report states that “ the police are not kidding with this new law ».

Source : ComicBook

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