Squid Game: creator reveals why Gi-hun doesn’t fly

Squid Game stops on an open end. If some think that Gi-hun does not enter the plane to go for revenge, the creator of the series explains the opposite.

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An open ending wanted by the creator of Squid Game – Credit: Netflix

Squid Game, it is the most popular of the series Netflix these last weeks. Never has the service known such a launch with enormous enthusiasm. Viewers, in their millions, are already gearing up to adopt the show’s costumes for Halloween. And while the creator of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyeok, looks at a second season, new revelation. In interview for THR, man explains why Gi-hun doesn’t get on the plane. According to him, it’s not about bringing revenge for season 2 but rather representing the desire to confront the system rather than becoming part of a brutal society again.

Attention, the lines to follow reveal the end of Squid Game

Gi-hun decides to face a brutal and competitive society

While Jung Ho-yeon confides the scene that made him cry, Hwang Dong-hyeok’s turn to share with the many fans. In a society as competitive as South Korea with its enormous academic and professional pressure, the creator of Squid Game wanted to send a message. That’s why Gi-hun doesn’t get on the plane at the end of the series.

It is true that Season 1 ends openly, but I thought it was a good conclusion for the story. Season 1 ends with Gi-hun turning around so as not to go to the USA. And that was, in fact, my way of getting the message across not to get caught up in the competitive flow of society. We must start to take a step back. There is the possibility to turn around and face it. So it is not necessarily Gi-hun who goes back for revenge. It can be interpreted as very direct eye contact with what is going on in the whole painting. So I thought that’s a good way, simple but ambiguous, to finish Gi-hun’s story.

– Hwang Dong-hyeok

It remains to be seen whether the winner of this edition will be back in a second season of Squid Game. It must be said that at present, some spectators are divided. If some want additional episodes, others feel that the program is self-sufficient with this one season.

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