Squid Game makes Netflix history

Since its release on Netflix on September 17th, Squid Game has become THE series to watch. So much so that Netflix announced this morning that the South Korean production is now their best series launch of all time.

Full box for Squid Game!

We had seen it coming. Ten days after its release, the CEO of Netflix claimed that Squid Game may well become the most watched series of all time on the streaming platform. This morning we are pleased to learn that the South Korean series is becoming Netflix’s best series launch.

Indeed, in just 17 days, 111 million Netflix accounts followed the mortal adventures of Gi-hun, Sae-Byok, Ali or Sang-woo. Exit The Bridgerton Chronicle or Lupin, Squid Game has established itself in their hearts of Netflix subscribers.

For the record, the South Korean production features extremely indebted people who join a children’s game competition at first sight innocent to try to pocket a hallucinating reward of nearly 32.9 million euros. Something to make you dizzy, and pay your debts … The problem is that losing one of the six games is losing your life.

In a distressing and violent atmosphere and an aesthetically pleasing but disturbing universe, Squid Game has kept us going throughout the nine episodes that make up the first season.

Are we the Squid Game VIPs?

For making kdrama its best launch, Netflix unveiled a thank you video on its official Twitter account this morning. The organizers of the “Squid Game” are grateful to us for joining the ranks of VIPs… Wait, what?

Attention, slight spoil to come!

Indeed, in the series, all these deadly games are intended for an audience of rich people in search of entertainment in their idle and boring life: the VIPs. Rude caricatures of Westerners, especially Americans, VIPs are amused by the unfortunate fate of these penniless people, forced to face each other to the death to hope to survive.

And finally, by looking at this series as entertainment to relax in the evening, aren’t we, too, VIPs in a way? In any case, this is what Netflix suggests …

As for those who have not yet watched Squid Game, will they get caught up in the game?


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