Squid Game, unmissable costumes and gadgets for fans of the series

Squid Game, a television series that made its debut in recent weeks on Netflix, has won the hearts of fans, so much so that it has become a real world phenomenon. A success that has led many companies to produce and subsequently market many articles related to the series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Currently there are a disproportionate number of products, give her masks of the guards Everyone complete suits of the participants in the six deadly games. In this article, therefore, we have decided to illustrate you the best Squid Game themed products, with the aim of providing you with those that are marketed by reputable manufacturers. In short, without turning around yet, we present you our review and wish you a happy shopping.

Player Suit No. 456, Seong Gi-hun

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Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, is the last of the players in the deadly games of Squid Game, and he wears the suit n. 456. The edition we are happy to recommend is available in several sizes, which can be perfectly adapted to your body. It has the same details as the original counterpart, starting from the colors up to the number imprinted on the left side, in correspondence with the zip zip.

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Player Suit No. 001, Oh Il-nam

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Oh Il-nam, played by Oh Yeong-su, is the first of the players to the particular Squid Game kids games, and wears the suit n. 001. The item of clothing sold on Amazon features all the elements of the original edition, such as the sweatshirt and pants. It is entirely made of high quality polyester, and therefore is very comfortable to wear.

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Player Suit No. 067, Kang Sae-byeok

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Kang Sae-byeok, played by Jung Ho-yeon, is one of the main protagonists of the first season of Squid Game wearing the suit n. 067. Our advice is to buy the product developed by Oliphee, which has the same elements as the original suit and is available in various sizes, for both men and women. The sweatshirt and pants are made of high quality polyester, so as to ensure good durability over time.

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Mask of the guards

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Among the products that have aroused the most interest we find the masks of the guards, which are characterized by a breathable and minimalist design. There are clearly multiple editions available, each with Squid Game symbol characters, namely: Triangle, Square and Circle. Lencyotool products, in addition to being at the top of the Amazon ranking, are resistant and above all long-lasting.

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Suit of the guards

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Together with the mask, we strongly recommend that you also buy the Squid Game guards suit, especially the article developed by FuMeiJiaJiaJu. Made entirely of high quality polyester, this costume will satisfy all fans of the series because it will be soft to the touch, delicate on the skin and, above all, light.

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Front Man Mask

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Front Man is an enigmatic character and represents the number one antagonist of the entire Netflix production. His mask is perfect for all those who want to take on the role of the fearsome villain, in view of Halloween. Furthermore, it must be specified that it is a product made with materials absolutely free of any prohibited substance.

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VIP mask

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Who are the mysterious characters behind some golden masks? At the moment we don’t know for sure. Anyone who has seen the entire series knows some of their enigmatic conversations and, if you want to wear their masks, we recommend purchasing those made by DKaony e YWSM, respectively in the shape of a leopard and a lion.

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Squid Game Business Card

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All attendees were invited with very unique business cards, both in design and content. If you are interested in playing a little prank on your friends, we suggest you purchase the package from ten Squid Game business cards.

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Doll of “One, two, three, star!”

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One of the most iconic Squid Game games is “One, two, three, star!”. What made this pastime for children more interesting was a very special doll. Well, if you want to buy it, we recommend theaction figure that has the same movements as the original counterpart.

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