Ssa expects a wave of Covid-19 “mostly mild” and “catarrhal”

CDMX.- Despite the increase in infections by covid-19, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, stressed that the behavior of the disease “is expected to be mostly mild.”

In a conference at the National Palace, the federal official explained that in the last nine weeks there has been a progressive increase in the estimated cases of SARS-CoV-2; however, he clarified that the Omicron variant, the most predominant, has proven not to be as aggressive.

“What we see is the behavior of the Ómicron variant (mainly BA.4-BA.5), which means that it is expected to be a mostly mild disease, there are symptoms similar to the common cold and this Ómicron variant also gives them” , said.

López-Gatell maintained that “the Ómicron variant gives catarrhal disease” and is less likely to cause damage to the lungs, which reduces the risk of serious illness and possible hospitalization.

He acknowledged that the data analyzed from the pandemic has revealed that despite the fact that there is an increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths have not risen at the same rate.

Regarding deaths, the Undersecretary of Health indicated that on average Mexico registers 5 daily cases.

He also specified that the slow pace of the increase in infections is “encouraging”, since this may be a sign of the effects of vaccination against covid-19, as well as the immunity of those who suffered from the disease.

“The growth of the epidemic is slower than it was in the fourth wave and this is encouraging because it suggests that the population’s immunity – from suffering from covid-19, from being vaccinated, or both – is effective and makes the spread more difficult. slower,” he said.

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