Star Academy: Sylvie Tellier does not want to be director

In a video interview granted to Radio Monaco, Sylvie Tellier explained why she did not want to become the director of the next season of the star Academy.

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After several years of absence, the star Academy will soon be back on TF1. If Nikos Aliagas will indeed take over the presentation of the show, the mystery remains on the identity of those who will form the teaching staff. While several former candidates, such as Lucie Bernardoni, Emma Daumas and Michal, have indicated that they are interested in the idea of ​​coaching the next students of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, Jean-Pascal Lacoste has revealed that he is in talks with production to fill the position of Senior Education Advisor. Approached by the first channel to take on the role of director, Sylvie Tellier preferred to decline the proposal.

Sylvie Tellier approached for the next season of the star Academy

Interviewed by Radio Monaco on the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Festival, Sylvie Tellier confirmed that she had been contacted for the position of director of the next season of Star Academy. “I was extremely touched that they thought of me for this kind of program because I was elected Miss France in 2001, it was the first year of Star Ac and it was Jenifer who won this program that I followed with great pleasure”she confided, before explaining why she did not want to take the direction of tele-hook. “Honestly, I’m not sure that I’m expected to be the director of Star Academy. I was extremely proud that people thought of me, but that’s not part of my immediate plans. No way. But I am convinced that they will have a director who will be fabulous in this exercise there.

“I sometimes suffered a little from this role of director”

Already at the head of the Miss France committee, Sylvie Tellier now wants to give a new direction to her career. I sometimes suffered a little from this role of director because you always need a conductor who is there to try to follow a line and enforce a rule. If in the future I had to do something, I would like to potentially not find myself in the application of rules, she says. And to conclude: “We have several lives and we must not stay in the same field.”

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