Star Academy: these two candidates reveal that they were in a relationship… and you will be surprised!

We know that living in autarky creates bonds. And it is not the Star Academy candidates who will say the opposite! Moreover, two former revealed to have been in a relationship… and we did not even know it!

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In a few hours, the Star Academy will close its doors at the end of a season that will have thrilled the crowds. Moreover, Internet users did not fail to express their emotion when they saw the students of this 2022 vintage leave the cult castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys, after seven short weeks of competition. It must be said that for this new season, TF1 and the production have hit the mark, whether on the side of the casting but also of the teaching staff, completely remodeled, with, at its head as director Michael Goldman, son of the illustrious JJG, who hit the mark. And if we wonder who will win this edition, seeing these young people sing and dance is not the only interest of the cult TF1 show.

star Academy : these two candidates reveal that they were in a relationship… and we didn’t even know it!

Because if the Star Academy sometimes gives birth to golden talents – the fans of Jenifer, Nolwenn or Élodie Frégé will not say the opposite – it is also passionate about the love affairs that are tied while the students live in virtual autarky. Reality TV obliges, viewers and Internet users scrutinize the slightest detail which could suggest that two candidates have fallen in love, and that they are living (sheltered or not) from the cameras a love story. And it sometimes happens that we learn it after the fact, as for this couple that we had not seen coming!

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I must have forgotten my glasses, otherwise I would have refused”

It was on Instagram that we discovered that two candidates had lived a story, two historical students of the program since it is… Lucie Bernardoni and Mathieu Johan! It is the one who now excels as a repeater who revealed it, by sharing a photo of the one who is now her friend. Remember: a few days ago, the latter had published “file photos” of the teacher, in a hilarious little game. This one responded by sharing in turn two improbable shots accompanied by the caption: “To the attention of this little asshole @mathieujohann… He knows that I don’t have time to look for old files better, but since he has posted the worst photo of me in recent days, on the networks, I tell myself, that we can start with these two..” And to add, with the humor that characterizes her: “And I also specify that we were in a relationship a long time ago for 48 hours. I must have forgotten my glasses, otherwise I would have refused. 😅 ” She concludes: ” I remain available for all your requests for information on this person. 👍🏻👋 Kisses. Lulu.” A post that Patrice Maktav, the husband of Lucie Bernardoni, also commented with a lot of humor: “What charisma this guy!”

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