Star Academy: Yanis Marshall’s outfit for the final appeals to internet users

The star Academy was relaunched on TF1 this Saturday, October 15, 2022 after several years of absence. For this exceptional season, Nikos Aliagas has of course agreed to take over the controls of the tele-hook. During this great season, thirteen students gave their all every week to go as far as possible in the competition. Amisse, AhcΓ¨ne, Cenzo, Carla, Paola, Julien, Stanislas, Tiana and Chris failed to secure their place in the final. This Saturday, November 26, the finalists of this class of 2022, namely, Γ‰nola, LΓ©a, Louis – who was the first to secure his place – and Anisha, found themselves on the stage of studio 217 for an evening rich in emotion.

Students and teachers sing the hymn of the star Academy

A few minutes before 10 p.m., the last bonus of the star Academy began on TF1, live from studio 217, the one used for Dance with the stars. All the former students gathered on stage to sing Do not go without me, the anthem of this season. Then, the finalists finally arrived on stage, before finally being joined by the faculty. Yanis Marshallthe dance teacher, who has never ceased to delight viewers throughout the season thanks to his remarks and his facial expressions, has attracted a lot of attention.

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Yanis Marshall’s outfit intrigues internet users

Indeed, the young man of 33 years arrived on stage with a most extravagant outfit since under a suit jacket with very wide shoulder pads, he wore a tight top with conical cups. What arouse many reactions on Twitter. Some did not understand this choice: “I’m not a fan of Yanis’ look”“Oh no, but there Yanis outfit”, “Yanis’ outfit???”“Yanis Marshall, these outfits are no longer possible”. While others simply loved: “Always an amazing outfit”“But Yanis’ outfit!! What an icon this one!!“, “Yanis’ outfit is INCREDIBLE”“Yanis outfit, oh my God, yes slay King”can we read on the social network.

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